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Friday, February 10, 2012

Impressions and Growth: Shanti

Since its founding in 1983, Seattle Shanti has held almost 100 volunteer trainings. Although each participant has a unique experience, there is similarity between comments we hear in their evaluations from one training to the next. People tell of learning much about themselves over the four days of the Shanti training. Here are some of the ways participants in the October, 2011 training said they grew:

•    I learned that being myself is good enough.
•    I really learned a lot about myself – about my grief and my strengths.
•    I achieved a better insight into what I value and how the loss of those things would affect me.
•    I learned to trust my inner voice.
•    I learned that I am better able to be with someone grieving than I would have thought.
•    I learned to be present, in the moment.
•    I learned a lot about how Shanti relationships can look like many different things.
•    I learned that we are all connected to each other in ways that are not always immediately apparent.

Trainees also summed up what left lasting impressions on them during the 4-day training. They describe parts of their experiences here:
•    I’m really impressed with how thoughtful the training is designed.
•    I had a lot of positive experiences about how respectfully people engaged in the group setting.
•    All of the presenters and facilitators are so open and helpful with knowledge, skills, and heart.
•    It was amazing to see how connected we are.
•    Small group was EXTREMELY loving and supportive. I felt wonderfully blessed to be so lovingly held amongst a group of people I literally just met.
•    I’ve had such a wonderful experience in this training. I just want to say that hearing the Shanti partners talk about their experiences was a revelation and so rewarding!
•    I experienced all the facilitators as teaching, listening, and caring from their hearts, which was a great model of Shanti and also a great gift.
•    I really enjoyed the Shanti Partners and their volunteers sharing about their relationships.
•    I loved the training and feel blessed to have experienced it!

Consider applying for the next Shanti training on April 14th, 15th, 21st, & 22nd, 2012!


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