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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Appeal 2011

I'm writing you today to ask for your help…your financial help for our CareTeam and Shanti programs. 
The people who come to us for help are simply at a low point in their lives.  Many have lost the support of family and friends.  You can imagine then, what happens when they are offered the gift of compassionate friendship, nonjudgmental listening, meaningful connections and a safe place to live.

I’m sure you’ve also had the incredible honor of witnessing that moment – you know the one, it looks really small but is actually huge – when someone in need reaches back or leans in and makes a connection with you.  It’s all those little transformative moments that happen as they grow in confidence, health and overall well-being.  It’s about sharing the gift of hope.

In order to keep providing the incredible support we offer…to match clients on our waiting list with a CareTeam, Shanti Volunteer or place them in stable housing…we need your help

Please consider donating $10 a month (just $120 annually).  Your gift, at whatever level you can contribute, helps us continue to match caring volunteers with clients as well as provide safe, sane, and stable housing

You know it’s not just about a having a disease, it’s about living…living with community and connection and support and maybe a little fun now and again.  Thank you so very much. 

With deep heartfelt gratitude,
Arthur Padilla
Executive Director

P.S. Many employers encourage their employees to support Rosehedge/Multifaith Works by matching charitable donations.  Please contact your HR department for your employer’s matching gift form.


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