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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Closing the Year

The longest night has just passed and a new cycle begins for all of us. This year we have seen many people come through our lives including new residents in our housing program, CareTeam and Shanti Partners, volunteers in all of our programs, and staff members. Change is the inevitable part of our time here and often it creates discomfort and unrest. However, the changes that Multifaith Works has experienced in the past year have been mixed with excitement, amazement, and challenges.

This year has been somewhat reminiscent of the past as we have seen some our CarePartners, ShantiPartners, Housing Residents, and volunteers pass. We found ourselves surprised by the continuing impact of HIV/AIDS and challenged our own willingness to take medication and treatment for granted. It is easy to forget that people still suffer from this disease and die from complications related to this illness. The one note of comfort and a source of inspiration for this work is that these people did not die in isolation or loneliness. They were all part of a family and those left behind went to great lengths to remember their loved ones in very special ways. Their impact on our lives will not be forgotten.

This same message came through very clearly during our World AIDS Day Benefit Luncheon. This event has come to mean a great deal to very many people as we struggle to remember where we have been and look to where we are going in the future. The struggling economy has made fundraising challenging for nonprofits and we are not different. The World AIDS Day event allowed many people who have a long time relationship to Multifaith Works to remember their commitment and their reason for being a part of our agency. I received so many calls, notes, letters, and emails from numerous people thanking Multifaith Works for reminding them why they are so committed to this very special work.

So, we close the year with change and high expectations for the upcoming year. I am hoping that we will be challenged, thrilled, surprised and changed by what will come. I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the year and wish you the best for your holiday and your New Year.

With much love and many blessings,

Arthur G. Padilla


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